Ovidius University, Constanta

60 year old Government Medical University in Europe

The University has more than 71 departments, 109 clinics and 16,500 hospital beds. Around 800 foreign students from different countries study here.

Prof. Sorin Rugina M.D.Ph.D,


ovidius university dean

DEAN, Faculty of Medicine

Associate professor Dan ILIESCU, M.D., Ph.D.

Prof. Liliana Ana Tuta, M.D., Ph.D

Vice Rector

University Ovidius – A unique location

Ovidius University is the the largest European University at the Black Sea. Situated in Constanța, the largest city
in Dobruja and Southest Romania, the University is located in an economically powerful region, which represents
a cultural bridge between East and West, an Eastern gateway to European Union.

romania country mbbs

Ovidius University is a public higher education institution established in 1961. In 1990, it has become a comprehensive University, with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programs at high European quality standards. The University has been granted a HIGH DEGREE OF CONFIDENCE by national and international accreditation institutions. With over 15,000 students Ovidius is the largest European University at the Black Sea.

Ovidius University enrolls over 15,000 students, under the guidance of 650 members of the academic staff and with the support of over 300 employees in administration and services.

Why Ovidius?

Constanța a gateway to Europe

Situated in Constanta, the largest city in South-East Romania, the Ovidius University is located in an economically booming region, with the largest harbor in the region, connected to the capital by a modern highway, to Europe by the Black Sea – Danube canal and to the world by an international airport. A bridge between East and West, North and South, Constanța is an eastern gateway to the European Union. The city has a long history, starting with the ancient metropolis of Tomis, founded about 2600 years ago by Greek colonists. With a diverse ethnic and cultural mix, Constanța is a space of friendship and mutual understanding. The seaside city is a great attraction for youth, in the summer being a favorite holiday destination and in the rest of the year a town of Universities, pulsating with vibrant student life.

Faculty is having the latest version of ANATOMAGE TABLE

Only used in very few Medical Colleges in the world and not used in any Medical Colleges in India

Anatomage Table Demonstration

Student facilities

Ovidius University has four student dormitories where it can accommodate over 1300 students during their studies. The typical costs of living in Constanța fall below the European Union averages. Consequently, many of our international students take advantage of the affordable private accommodation facilities available around the university campuses.

Many of our students take advantage of the university cafeteria, which offers inexpensive meals, at lunchtime, located in the central university campus.

Our students benefit from the main Ovidius University Library, located in the central campus as well as the various smaller libraries that belong to the faculties. Most of its catalogues can be accessed via the Internet. Additionally, the students have access to other public libraries in the metropolitan area.

Besides computer rooms for students at the individual faculties, access to computers is offered centrally in the virtual library hall of the Ovidius University Library.

The Language Centre provides international students and scholars with the possibility of improving their knowledge of Romanian, English, German, French, and Italian. The centre is located in the north campus, in the building hosting the Faculty of Letters. A great variety of materials is there to help with developing language skills.

Physical education is part of the compulsory curriculum for the first two years of studies. International students may choose and participate in the wide variety of sports activities offered by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. These include various kinds of aerobics, athletics, badminton, basketball, bodybuilding, canoeing, dance, fitness yoga, football, jogging, modern gymnastics, martial arts, skiing, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

International students may also participate in some extracurricular sports activities under the same conditions as Romanian students. The University Sports Center is located in the northern campus, next to Mamaia Lake.

The international Student Club plays a key role in the lives of international students at Ovidius University. Run by Romanian and international students together, its main activities include helping the new students, both degree seeking and credit-seeking, with orientation activities for when they first arrive at OUC. Moreover, the club organizes cultural and social events, sports activities and short excursions for Romanian and international students.

Is Romania safe?

Romania ranks in the record of the safest Country in the World. It ranks 25th in the list. Check the Global Peace Index to satisfy you :- http://statisticstimes.com/ranking/global-peace-index.php

Limited Seats

Only 80 seats are for Medicine in Ovidius University. As soon as it filled the admission is closed.

Infrastructure and Education quality

Universities in Romania are not only well equipped, but also provide best teaching staff and the faculty with the best latest medical equipment for MBBS in Romania. Apparatus like Anatomage Table, Spectrophotometer with UV radiation, radiology, and microscope coordinated with a camera and CT scan instruments, etc. Romania universities provide professional education which is planned nicely with the best infrastructure. The course of Medicine in Romania include a comprehensive study and practical knowledge. Also, the tuition fees are low if compare to other European Union Institutions.


The Faculty of Medicine of Constanta is recognized by many academica and scientific structures, such as:-

the World Health Organization (WHO)

-the Medical Council of the European Union

-the Medical Council of the Republic of India

-Medical Council of several African and Middle East

-the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECMFG)

-the American International Health Alliance

-the American Medical Student Association (AMSA)